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Saniya Henry, skilled legal assistant at Pursiano Law, LLP assisting in construction-related lawsuits with a focus on structural failures and environmental hazards, Notary in Nevada, based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Saniya Henry

Legal Assistant

Saniya is an exceptional legal assistant at Pursiano Law. She supports the firm and its clients by assisting in construction-related lawsuits involving things like structural failures, construction defects, and environmental hazards. Saniya is also a Notary in Nevada. Saniya graduated cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and communications studies from the University of Nevada Las Vegas.

Saniya resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. Apart from organizing legal documents, data entry, and research excellence, in her spare time, Saniya likes to play with her dog Baby and experience the many hidden gems of the city with her friends and family. She actively participates in civic engagement and campaigning for a green environment through ocean conservation.

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