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Effective solutions for homeowners & community associations in California, Florida, Nevada, & South Carolina.

California, Florida, Nevada, and South Carolina are all states with some of the most unique, comprehensive, and complex homeowners association (HOA) laws in the United States. The attorneys of Pursiano Law’s Homeowners Association Law Practice Group covers the entire spectrum of legal counseling of condominium, cooperative, country clubs, timeshares, apartments, universities, owner ad-hoc committees, and homeowners’ associations.

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Our Services

Our comprehensive range of HOA litigation solutions for homeowners and community association Board of Directors ensures that our clients are able to make informed deicions at every turn. Our dedicated team of homeowners association attorneys help our clients to minimize their risk and maximize their opportunities as they tackle the ever-changing landscape of community association management. Our areas of expertise include, but are not limited to:

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Federal, State, & Local Compliance

Our homeowner association attorneys assist HOAs with all aspects of federal, state, and local housing and anti-discrimination laws that apply to neighborhood development and HOA operations.

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HOA Governance & Amendments

Whether your HOA is an established entity or just getting started, our attorneys are well-versed in homeowners association law and can assist in drafting, amending, interpreting, and enforcing HOA governance documents.

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Board & Manager Certification

Did you know that you need to be certified to service on your association’s Board of Directors? Our team provide one-on-one and group workshops to meet state-specific CMCA certification requirements.

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Turnover & Transition Management

Knowing how to navigate the transition of a community from the developer to the association is a complex process. Let our team of attorneys do the heavy lifting so you can manage operations smoothly.

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Fiscal Management & Collection

Our team of attorneys help to implement policies and practices designed to minimize the need for collections all while maintaining a fluid understanding of how a healthy community association should operate.

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Litigation & Dispute Resolution

From breach of contract to construction defects, and enforcing repair obligations, we’ve seen it all. Our HOA litigation attorneys represent community associations in all types of homeowner disputes and can help drive a resolution to get things back on track.

The Pursiano Promise

The Pursiano Promise is simple: to prioritize our clients above all.

With over 100 years of collective expertise, the attorneys at Pursiano Law possess an intimate understanding of homeowner associations’ requirements, officers and directors preferences, and the indispensable measures needed to exceed their expectations. These four factors are what to expect when Pursiano Law takes the reins to dominate your HOA litigation needs.

Exclusive, Multi-State Representation

Unlike other firms with Homeowners Association Law solutions, our practice spans four states, with each being vastly different from the next. This gives our team a keen understanding of the nuances and requirements necessary to protect and enforce our HOA clients’ rights.

Devotion to the Protection of HOA Interests

Due to our unwavering commitment to exclusively serving homeowner and community associations, we are devoted to championing the best interests of these associations across our practice locations. Our reputation precedes us as leading advocates within the legal system and various state and local jurisdictions.

Full-Service Solutions

Our firm specializes in offering comprehensive advisory services and legal representation to homeowners and community associations. Our dedicated team of HOA attorneys are experienced in managing a wide variety of regulatory, legislative, transactional, and litigration matters on behalf of our esteemed clientele.

Dedicated Point of Contact

Each of our clients have a full professional team at their disposal, including a dedicated point of contact. This designated attorney establishes a closer working relationship with the HOA Board of Directors, acting as. avital link between these individuals, our legal team, and the endless amount of resources available.

Contact Pursiano Law Today

At Pursiano Law, we offer results-driven legal services tailored to meet our clients’ specific needs in homeowners association law and HOA litigation. Our experienced attorneys possess over 100 years in combined expertise in developing and managing community assocations of all sizes. If you are a condominimum or homeowner association seeking legal advice or representation, our team is ready to guide you through the complexities of it. Schedule a free consultation today to learn what your options are.

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